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We Help E-Commerce Business Owners Generate $10k-$100k+ Every Month using Facebook And Google Ads

We help DTC ECom business owners get up to $5 – $7 back for every $1 they spend on Facebook & Google Ads With DTC Growth Framework
Let DSG Allure run your Facebook and Google ads so you can get
150+ Satisfied Ecommerce Clients

The Numbers Don’t Lie

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These are the ROAS results we delivered to our DTC clients. And we can do the same or even better for you.


Revenue of 3 crores in 3 Months for one of the Artificial Jewellery brand using FB + Google ads…

The client is in the fashion accessories and fashion jewelry niche and was struggling to reach out to the relevant audiences. The brand had a good number of SKUs on the website but couldn’t do justice by targeting relevant audiences for relevant products.

Wanted to increase sales from the website and get a profitable ROAS

Wanted to understand the target audience more clearly to introduce a new range

  • Tested out different sets of audiences by targeting subcategories
  • SCaled up the best performing category through advanced manual bidding strategies
  • Used Google for Remarketing & Brand awareness.
  • Worked on unit economics and strategized campaigns in a way to get maximum possible ROAS
  • Worked on the website to increase AOV, which helped in overall profitability

Generated revenue of 3 crores in 3 months for the Artificial Jewellery brand using FB + Google ads…
Started getting consistent sales with profitable ROAS and increase in sales month on month


Revenue of 3 crores in 1 Year for one of the Apparels brand using FB + Google ads…

The client was into both men’s and women’s ethnic wear.
They wanted to explore Facebook to get sales from their website.

We started fresh with no previous data since the client had no visibility.

  • We studied and made changes to the website to increase Conversion Rates.
  • Started with catalog ads to understand audience behavior and engagement with the products
  • Studied analytics regularly to understand the behavior and journey
  • Collected data by running TOF (Top Of the Funnel) campaigns so that we can remarket.
  • After generating enough data, we started remarketing funnels.
  • Worked on creatives to show different angles to each audience at different funnel level

Generated revenue of 3 crores in 1 Year for one of the Apparels brand using FB + Google ads…

Our Services

Here is What We Do

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Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

We use a combination of rapid testing, high-converting creatives, and engaging copy allows us to spend up to $100.000 USD a day on a single account PROFITABLY.

We study the data, user behavior, and your customers’ journey to create an omnichannel remarketing funnel. This means you get maximum revenues with higher ROAS when your ads are shown with different angles again and again.

Insagram Ads

Insagram Ads

Whether it is broad targeting, video ads, or automatic placements, we know the exact strategies to run ads for a big win on Instagram.

Our team of experts knows exactly what your target audience likes to see on Instagram and how they take action. We run persuasive data-driven ads to bring in the maximum possible revenues directly from cold audiences.

Google Ads

Google Ads

Stuck on a $500-$1000 Revenue on PPC Campaigns? We synchronize Google & YouTube ads so you can break through this level and a ROAS can be between 2.5X to 8X.

We use Google’s omnichannel marketing & bring customers back to your ecom store. The result?. You get a higher ROAS, higher authority, strong brand awareness, and brand recall.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization

We'll take your offer and reconstruct your landing page following CRO best practices so that 10 visitors buy instead of just 2 or 3.

We study the website and suggest changes to the landing page based on thousands of A/B split tests, which helps increase the conversion rate.

Ad Copy & Automation

Ad Copy & Automation

We craft an engaging copy that gets the attention and conversion from the most ad ignorant people on social media.

There is gold in the backend. It's the reason why we nurture your customer base and build complete automation to increase customers’ lifetime and average order value.

The 5 Step DSG Allure Process That Simply Works

Every product launch goes through this world-class process, so you get more sales again and again without paying extra in ads


Audit the account

Our team turns into detectives to know every detail of your business. We look into PPC Metrics like Cost Per Click, Quality Score, Cost Per Conversion, and Click-Through Rate.

Then we dig deep into Analytics Metrics like Goals, Conversions, Revenue, and Traffic Sources

And then it’s time to scan the Conversion Rate Metrics like Click-through rate, Pages per session, Time on site, and On-Page Events Tracking.

Phew, the list is exhaustive, isn’t it? But this is just the tip of the iceberg audit process.


Figure out the leakages

We find out the most common reasons for lost sales, and make changes to plug those leaks in your ecom website or sales funnel.

It’s all too easy for marketing departments to throw more money at campaigns.

But what good is all that marketing budget if you don’t know how to detect the vanishing points of your online store?

By plugging the leakages our team ensures you’re squeezing every drop of return out of your campaigns.


Work on the bottlenecks

Where in the journey are customers getting stuck or disengaged?

Bottlenecks could break your e-commerce sales funnel.

Our team continuously carries out eCommerce website refurbishing and management to create a frictionless shopping experience.


Study the user journey and psychology

Do you know what your customers are thinking when they see your ad and land on your ecom page?

Understanding what goes on in your customers’ minds and how they make decisions enables us to create a strong, targeted marketing strategy that brings you more conversions.

Imagine how much more sales you will be able to generate once you know the internal combustion of emotion, physiology, and hard-wired instincts behind every customer click!


Based on the journey we create a funnel

In the final step, we build a marketing funnel that isn’t composed of 2 or 3 steps.

And it doesn’t suddenly stop at the purchase.

We design a funnel that takes into consideration many of the complexities of the end-to-end customer experience, from prospect to buyer, and beyond.

Because it’s not just about sales and conversions.

It’s about turning your customers into brand advocates that will bring more buyers to your store.

What is the DSG Allure Money Back Guarantee?

Although we rely on the same platforms everyone uses, we use specific strategies to make your brand stand out. But let’s be honest. This is marketing, not math. It may happen that you do not like the results we get for you within 30 days. In that case, you can simply ask for a refund and get your agency fees back.


Here Is What Our Clients Have To Say About Their Experience With Us:

We hacked D2C marketing so you could grow your business faster

Rishabh Patidar, Founder - One Word Store

Rohit Nandwani, Founder - Hammer (As seen on Shark Tank India)

What is the 1 true sign of a successful DTC marketing agency?

What should you look for in an agency before you partner with them?
Is it the amount of ads spent?


Is it the ROAS generated?
Ummm… No. Not actually.

Is it the ROI generated for the clients in the last 6 months?
Nope. Not even ROI.

All the above metrics are good indicators of a successful agency.
DTC Brand owners are hungry for aggressive growth.

They are impatient.
D2C brands want consistent and predictable explosive growth.

And most marketing agencies are not consistent.
Agencies don’t have the ability to adapt to the rapidly changing advertising algorithms.

This is a DTC marketing agency’s true credibility indicator.
Check the number of clients who stayed.

And not just the number of clients who joined for 3 months and then left for some other marketing agency.
This is what we at DSG Allure take pride in.

Once a client uses our marketing services they stay with us forever!
Because they get consistent month-on-month growth in sales.

Look no further if you don’t want to risk your advertising budget in random testing.


Proprietary Media Buying Strategies That Allow Us to Profitably Spend Up to $10,000 a Day. This means no negative ROAS even on high marketing spends targeting a broader audience.

Leverage world-leading high-performance media buying strategies to spend up to $100,000 a day. We use Google and Facebook advertising algorithms to their full capabilities to acquire customers at scale.


You World-Class Creatives to Fuel Your DTC Engine. This means you don’t waste valuable ad spend on random testing. We know what works from years of our experience.

Focus on providing the best customer experience, we’ll do the rest. Designing ad creatives, shooting, editing video ads, market research, avatar analysis, copywriting, and ad creation, we’ll handle it all either in-house or through our partner network.

We have tested 1747+ unique creatives so you can go straight to the strategies that win.


We Are A Responsive Team That Feels Like a Seamless Extension of Your In-House Team. This means that our team will integrate as partners and cooperate with your existing team to become an extension of its capabilities, experience, and resources.

Get instant access to us and avoid productivity drops through your preferred communication channels like slack with industry-leading response times. Never again be left in the dark. You’ll receive detailed weekly strategic reports and actions based on data, so management can be fully aware of the progress we make.

Are We a Good Fit?

Here’s what we looking for when choosing DTC brands to work for

We take pride in being a boutique agency only working with clients we actually care about.
Below you’ll find what we’re looking for in our next partner.

What happens when you let us work for you? Do you want your Facebook and Google ads dashboards to look like this?


Revenue of 1 crore for one of the Artifical jewellery brand in 1 month using FB + Google ads…

The client deals in all types of artificial jewelry over a wide range and categories and has a very good social presence.

They were doing only organic sales using influencers and Instagram DMs as a medium, therefore finding it difficult to bring in consistent and predictable growth.

Achieve at least 20 lakhs of revenue with ROAS of 7 during the initial 3 months.

Target higher number of sales and increase in revenue month on month profitably.

  • We found out best-performing targeting, ad copies, and products/categories with A/B testing.
  • Worked on offers, remarketing funnels, and cross-channel marketing to get maximum revenue
  • Studied past data, user journey, analyzed thoroughly and then started optimizing the campaigns.

Generated revenue of 1 crore for an Artificial jewelry brand in 1 month using FB + Google ads…


Revenue of 1 crore in 6 Months for one of the Women’s Apparels brand using FB + Google ads…

The client created a marketplace for homegrown labels in India. They had 400+ brands onboarded on their website. The biggest challenge was to figure out the best-performing categories sub-categories & products. They wanted to create something different for brands and audiences, like an Amazon of homegrown labels in India.

To Figure out best performing categories for them so that they can expand.

To get sales with a minimum ROAS of 5.

We created campaigns for each product with 5-6 ad sets with different audiences and audience sizes. We focused on every small detail to grow conversions.

  • We worked on the website to make it simple and easy for the audience to understand and explore
  • We started with a small budget for each category by using carousel ads to understand the audience’s behavior.
  • Did analysis every day and took actions to optimize every 7 days, and kept track of what was working for us and what was not.
  • After 1.5 months, we got a little clarity on the categories that gave us the sales, so we pushed more budget there and kept some percentage for testing.
  • We started implementing funnels and advanced scaling strategies to get more revenue at a profitable ROAS.
  • Optimized the backend to convert abandoned users and get repeat orders
  • Worked on a multi-channel approach to tap audiences on all possible platforms.

Generated revenue of 1 crore in 6 Months for one of the Women’s Apparels brand using FB + Google ads…

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